Gloucestershire Area Meeting

Quakers in Britain are all members of an Area Meeting. Area Meetings meet between six and twelve times in each year. They are meetings both for church affairs, and for shared worship and community. They are the primary building blocks of the Society of Friends.

Each Area Meeting covers a number of Local Meetings, which meet – generally every Sunday – for meeting for worship, and monthly to consider matters of business. Gloucestershire Area Meeting covers eight Local Meetings, all of them in Gloucestershire.

To care for the spiritual and pastoral life of our meetings, the Area Meeting  appoints elders and overseers for each Local Meeting. Local Meetings in turn choose people to undertake responsibilities for organisation, finance, care of the meeting house, children and young people etc as the meeting needs.

Quakers in Britain meet annually in Britain Yearly Meeting, with a wide-ranging agenda covering both organisational and spiritual matters, and also national and international issues relevant to Quaker concerns for peace, justice and sustainability.