The Area Meeting Trustees are responsible for managing the property and finances of the Area Meeting. They have responsibilities as the employers of staff, including wardens. They ensure compliance by area and local meetings with agreed policies for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, for premises, including health and safety, and for data protection. They also uphold the Area Meeting in carrying out its activities and meeting its objectives.

The current Trustees are :

  • Val Kirby (Nailsworth) – clerk
  • tba (Forest of Dean)
  • Terry Robinson (Painswick)
  • Mary Penny (Gloucester)
  • Sarah Eilbeck (Gloucester) – treasurer
  • Marilyn Miles (Nailsworth)
  • Jan Gronow (Cirencester)
  • Frank Bonner (Stroud)
  • Paul Barber (Wotton)
  • Tim Howarth (Cheltenham)

Trustees Annual Report 2012

Accounts 2012

Trustees Report 2014

Accounts 2014

Trustees Report 2015

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Treasurers report 2015

Area Meeting budget 2016

Accounts 2016 and Treasurer’s Report 2016