Role Descriptions

“Much of the work of meetings for church affairs and committees will be undertaken by Friends especially appointed by the meeting or committee responsible for the work, most often on the recommendation of a nominations committee. The process of appointment starts when the meeting identifies the need for a task to be performed. It is good practice for a meeting to have a clear view of the tasks that need to be accomplished on its behalf and to fix the length of service required so that both the meeting and the Friend appointed understand the commitment.” (Quaker Faith and Practice, 3.23)

AM Clerk

AM Assistant Clerk

AM Assistant Clerk (membership)

AM Treasurer

AM Deputy Treasurer

AM Elder

AM Pastoral Friend

AM Registering Officer for Marriages

Friends Responsible for Funerals

Custodian of Records

Trustees Terms of Reference

Trustees – Background Information

Link to Trustees

Warden’s Link and Warden’s Friend

Representative to Quaker Life

AM Representative to Meeting for Sufferings

Quaker Prison Chaplain – Leyhill

Member of AM Nominations Committee

AM Newsletter Editor and Correspondents

Quaker Prison Chaplain Supporter

News of Friends email service

Children and Young People’s Advocate

Co-ordinator of personal data

SACRE representative

Supporting Friend

Guidance for Supporting Friends

Media Team member